Off Trail In Utah
  Bonk at Primal Quest
  The Peroxide Files
  Behind The Rocks Trail
  Boys With Maps
  Go Fast on Flagstaff
  Racing 24 Hours of Moab
  Drinking in Durango
  Crashing in Peaceful Valley
  Andrew on the 14er Record
  Backpacking in Aspen
  Ride Durango

Check out b.There - Bored at the gym or on your bike trainer? This is a new software product that plays headcam video of runs and rides at the speed you workout.

I created a very short explanation about how I made the headcam.

I suggest viewing these videos by right-clicking on the link and "Saving Target As". Save it to your computer and then watch it. This way you are sure to have it play smoothly.

can't see the video?  windows media player (free)  or   e-mail shane